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中铸机械610mm X 710mm全自动造型机用于汽车离合器压盘盖子铸造造型生产,上图为下砂箱压实脱模后的砂型效果,中间凹槽处为砂型浇注水口

Zoomzu 610mm x 710mm automatic molding machine is used for casting and molding of automobile clutch pressure plate cover. The above figure shows the sand mold effect after the lower sand box is compacted and demoulded, and the middle groove is the sand mold pouring nozzle



Die picture of pressure plate cover with corresponding specifications and models



The picture of the forming effect of the clutch pressure plate after the upper box of the full-automatic molding machine is compacted and demoulded. The picture is taken from the molding effect of the full-automatic molding machine before delivery. The equipment has been delivered to Hebei customer factory in March 2019. The single machine is equipped with standard sand treatment production line and ground rail transportation line. It is necessary to understand the purchase of clutch casting or consult the relevant automatic molding machine for casting Production and use of friends can contact me, Tel: 15917377252!

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