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Application requirements of horizontal full-automatic casting molding machine mould


The full-automatic molding machine mold is a double-sided mold. Generally, the aluminum mold with lighter material is the main mold, which is transformed from the traditional semi-automatic molding machine to the full-automatic molding machine. We suggest that a large number of product castings be re customized with aluminum mold, so as to normal mass production and improve the casting yield. The castings with less demand can be reused according to the original mold to the maximum extent, for example If the fixture is used to fix the mould, the detailed suggestions shall be determined according to the actual situation;



(the molds sent by customer logistics to us for shape test are customized according to the standard size and specification provided by us)



(the die model is too tightly drained, and the quality requirements for sand are very high. Normally, it is recommended to leave a 3-5cm gap between the edges.)


Customers can contact us directly about the customized mold, and we will provide you with dimension and specification drawings of various types of full-automatic molding machine mold, such as mold thickness, draft degree, etc.; if the casting is more complex, we can process and place vent drainage on the mold later to complete the production modeling of more complex casting products;


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