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Characteristic requirements for sand box of casting molding machine

Features of sand box of automatic casting molding machine:

The sand box of the automatic casting molding machine is made of ductile iron to ensure the wear resistance of the sand box during its long-term use. Usually, we will add wear-resistant materials around the sand box to avoid direct contact and friction with the casting sand. The cast iron sand box is one of the equipment components of the automatic and semi-automatic molding lines in the casting workshop. Professional processing equipment must be used to treat Maopei castings professionally to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the sandbox. We can also manufacture various molding machine sandboxes for users. Zoomzu casting machine introduces the characteristics of the sand box of the automatic molding machine


1. The product is mainly divided into two parts: upper box and lower box. The height of the upper box and lower box of the conventional z4252 casting molding equipment are respectively 150 mm.

2. It can be used with molding machine, and the size of specifications can be customized according to the size of the mold. The upper and lower boxes of the sand box can be specially made. According to the needs of the product, it can be increased or decreased.

3. The internal processing of the products are equipped with positioning guide post, stainless steel sand knife and pin sleeve. After the gantry milling, computer processing and heat treatment, the precision is high and the toughness is good. It can be directly used with the supporting mold.

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