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October 18, 2019 Shandong Weifang casting equipment exhibition - zoomzu booth T10


China Shandong Weifang casting equipment exhibition was held on October 18-20, 2019 in Weifang, the Lutai exhibition hall as scheduled. Zoomzu Co., Ltd., as a foundry full-automatic molding equipment manufacturer, attended the exhibition grandly. The exhibition equipment mainly includes full-automatic molding machine and horizontal full-automatic molding line, with a total of 18 exhibitors!


Effect drawing of zoomzu booth, which is located at booth T10 in the center of the exhibition hall


The main exhibitors are processing lathe and wire cutting manufacturers, foundry material manufacturers, foundry sand processing line manufacturers, foundry molding machine manufacturers and medium frequency electric furnace manufacturers. The main participants are from the local Weifang City and Shandong Province, some from Hebei Province, Shanxi Province and other places


The above is the diagram group and the layout record diagram group of the booth when zoomzu is developing


During the exhibition, zoomzu and Huaxia foundry cooperated again. They purchased the level full-automatic molding machine model 6171, and zoomzu signed the level full-automatic molding machine model 5161 with Ningwu new material. The above representatives of both parties took a group photo. Thank zoomzu's old customers for their full support and affirmation!


Zoomzu he signed a cooperation agreement with Liaoning Dandong customers Li Zong, Qu Zong and so on


Zoomzu and Shanxi Qinshui Shunshida Weizong signed a one meter large non-standard full automatic molding machine cooperation agreement


Zoomzu and Longsi agriculture and animal husbandry Co., Ltd. in Liaocheng, Shandong Province reached a consensus on cooperation and signed a large non-standard 1.4-meter-long horizontal full-automatic molding machine with full-automatic production line for grate production and casting molding production


Zoomzu and old customers who come to the exhibition stand take a group photo, thank you for your support and recognition (on the left is a group photo of Mr. Chen in Botou, Hebei, with the business manager and the stone factory of Zhongzhu, and on the right is a group photo of Mr. Wang in Zibo, Shandong and Mr. Huang of Zhongzhu machinery)


The model photo group and the effect picture group of zoomzu booth were taken on October 19, 2019 and closed in the afternoon


The above is a group photo of all members of the casting machinery exhibition in Shandong Casting Equipment Exhibition


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