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Zoomzu representative participated in 2019 China Foundry Association Auto Casting Branch


From August 12 to 14, 2019, China (International) Automobile Lightweight Casting Technology Exchange Conference and Automobile Casting Branch of China Foundry Association was held in Weifang. During the meeting, Ms. He, the relevant leader and representative of China Foundry Association, attended the meeting. During the meeting, she visited Weichai Group and Haoxin Group, aiming to strengthen the communication and interaction between the association and enterprises, realize resource information sharing, promote enterprise innovation and development, and promote industrial transformation and upgrading.


At the meeting, the special service area of zoomzu with advanced technology, rich performance and reliable services, and the appreciation and praise of the conference representatives. It has laid a foundation for seeking future cooperation. At the technical seminar of Automobile Casting Branch of China Foundry Association, the guests at the conference introduced the company's import and export business sales of casting machinery, cast steel blanks, casting equipment research and development, casting materials, etc. in order to adhere to the export trade and lead the manufacturers of casting equipment, full-automatic molding machines, machinery parts and wet mold sand equipment, engineering vehicle trolley sub lines, industrial machinery equipment, and sand cast iron parts around the world for many years. The practical experience of tailoring high-quality projects for users has been warmly echoed by the participants.


Ms. He, the commissioner of Zoomzu, participated in the 2019 Auto Casting Branch of China Foundry Association

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