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湖北萝岗使用中铸机械550mmX650mm全自动变频造型机生产铸造炉头炉架,设备于2019年中旬正式投产,采用人工推型摆地摊的生产方式,白天造型晚上浇注,上图为造型机使用生产图片实景,为2020年业务经理回访客户所拍摄记录|Luogang, Hubei Province, uses the 550mmx650mm full-automatic frequency conversion molding machine of China foundry machinery to produce the furnace head and furnace frame. The equipment was officially put into production in the middle of 2019. The production mode of manual push type and swing stall was adopted. The molding machine was molded in the daytime and poured at night. The above picture shows the actual production picture of the molding machine, which is the record of business manager's return visit to customers in 2020


以生产炉具为主,一模可出八个炉具,由于炉具个体重量较轻,铸件壁厚较薄,铁水浇注进入型腔冷却时间非常快,经过尝试改变浇注水道及浇注方式,一模出八个铸件成品率可达到百分之九十五以上|In the first mock exam, the first mock exam can produce eight cookers. Because of the lighter weight of the stove, the thickness of the casting wall is thinner, the cooling time of the molten iron into the cavity is very fast. After trying to change the pouring water and pouring way, the yield of eight castings can reach ninety-five percent.


使用全自动造型机射砂压实脱模放置覆膜砂泥芯的造型效果以及浇注破碎后的铸件图片|The molding effect of placing coated sand core by sand shooting compaction demoulding with automatic molding machine and the casting pictures after pouring and crushing


人工晚上开炉浇注场景图片以及白天通过造型机自动造型摆放好的砂型图片|he scene pictures of manual furnace opening and pouring at night and the sand mold images placed automatically by molding machine during the day


客户罗总后期到访中铸机械工厂车间参观以及沟通生产铸造工艺,以及罗总亲手为我司提笔撰写“中铸机械   大展宏图”的图片记录|The client general manager Luo visited the workshop of zoomzu factory in the later stage to visit and communicate the production and casting technology, and Mr. Luo personally wrote the picture record of "zoomzu grand plan" for our company

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