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Jiangxi Yihuang z5565 automatic casting molding machine with ground rail trolley line was formally put into operation after installation and commissioning in April 2020. The above picture is the field picture of molding machine taken by the installation and commissioning personnel



Mr. Lang, a zoomzu commissioning and installation technician, took a group photo with the customer. Thank the customer for their affirmation and satisfaction with the use of the equipment. The Z5565 (550mmX650mm) full-automatic molding machine can complete 96 mold sand molding production (excluding the lower core) every hour, save labor cost and improve the production efficiency!



Double sided aluminum mold for automatic casting molding machine



According to the effect picture of sand mold surface after sand blasting and compaction by molding machine, the mold height is relatively low, and the setting height of sand mold is 100mm for upper box and 80mm for lower box.



The whole workshop can be divided into two batches to place sand mold. After pouring, the sand can be recycled after one day's cooling, which ensures that the sand can be re casted by the machine at normal temperature, so that the quality of casting products can be better guaranteed!

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