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Zoomzu casting automatic molding machine exported to Hanoi, Vietnam

Cast in Vietnam

On November 17, 2017, Zoomzu signed a 510 X 610 standard full-automatic casting molding machine with a customer visiting Hanoi, Vietnam. The machine and equipment passed the factory test on December 14 and were arranged to be shipped. The photo was taken with the Vietnamese customer when they visited Zoomzu's factory to purchase the first full-automatic casting molding machine and took a group photo with the person in charge of the factory, and the Chinese casting technician took a group photo with the customer during the installation and commissioning of the equipment in Vietnam, which was recognized and praised by the customer

Casting moulding machine

After purchasing the first full-automatic casting molding machine at the end of 2017, the customer purchased the second 610mm x 710mm full-automatic casting molding machine in the middle of 2019. The photo was taken during the commissioning of the second equipment. The technical guidance trained the factory principal to operate and repair the equipment, including completing the casting of product castings.


The fully automatic casting molding machine mainly produces iron castings such as motorcycle accessories and fitness equipment by using the "floor stall" operation mode

Automatic casting molding machine

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