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  • Zoomzu Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd

  • Guangdong Zoomzu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
  • Zoomzu is located in Guangzhou, China. The factory covers an area of more than 8000 square meters. After more than 10 years of industry accumulation, it has a complete technical R & D force and a mature after-sales service team. It has made great breakthroughs and contributions in the technical field of the casting and molding industry. It is a national high-tech enterprise and has obtained more than 10 new practical patents and a number of independent R & D patents through application.

  • Zoomzu is a technology enterprise integrating design, development, production and sales of sand casting automatic molding production lines. Its main products include casting molding machines, sand casting horizontal molding lines and sand treatment production lines. In order to meet the needs of different enterprise users, we constantly develop and improve product technology and equipment quality, improve the automation level of equipment and after-sales service quality. The company's products and equipment are mainly exported to Egypt, Türkiye, Argentina, India, Algeria, Russia, Brazil and other countries, and have been recognized and recommended by customers with their stable machine performance and good service. 【MORE】

  • Z O O M Z U
  • Fully Automatic Moulding Machine Manufacturer
    —— Group photo with China Foundry Association ——
  • Members of China Foundry Association took a group photo with President Lu
    — On May 19, 2018, at the Beijing International Foundry Exhibition, president Zhang Libo, vice president Zhang Zhiyong and Secretary General Ma Hongru of China Foundry Association visited the exhibition and gave high recognition and praise to the efforts and achievements made by China foundry machinery in the construction and development of the overall industry in recent years. The picture is a group photo of members of the association and President Lu! 【MORE】
  • Members of China foundry association conduct research in the factory workshop
    — Zhang Libo, President of China Foundry Association, Zhao Zhili, Professor of Shenyang University, Liaoning Province, and Jing Liwen, director of China Foundry Association, exchanged views with the chairman in the assembly workshop on the use of full-automatic molding machines and the technical requirements in the production and assembly process. 【MORE】
  • Mr. Lu, chairman of the board of directors, Mr. Huang, head of China foundry, and members of China Foundry Association took a group photo
    — Zhang Libo, President of China Foundry Association, Zhao Zhili, Professor of Shenyang University, Liaoning Province, and Jing Liwen, director of China Foundry Association, visited China foundry machinery factory to carry out research. In view of the existing technology, combined with the foundry process and the industry development trend, they proposed corresponding guidance and suggestions for the automation equipment developed and produced by our company, exchanged and discussed the development status of horizontal molding machines in recent years, At the same time, he also affirmed and supported the product quality of Zhongzhu machinery and the planning policy for its far-reaching development in the future. 【MORE】
  • Members of Shandong Association of China Foundry Association and President Lu of China Foundry Machinery
    — Zhang Jiang, Secretary General of Shandong Association of China Foundry Association, and leaders of the Bureau of industry and information technology visited China foundry machinery and took a group photo with the chairman! 【MORE】
  • Members came to China casting machinery and took a group photo with Shandong Weifang Foundry Association
    — On May 21, 2018, China Foundry Machinery participated in the fifth foundry industry exhibition in Weifang, Shandong Province. Representatives of Weifang Foundry Association visited the booth to learn about China foundry machinery's up and down sand shooting molding machine. At the same time, I wish our sponsor a smooth completion of this exhibition. 【MORE】
  • Secretary General of Guangdong Foundry Association led group members to visit China Foundry Machinery
    — In 2018, Luo Hui and Liu Zhiquan, the Secretary General of Guangdong Foundry Association, led members of the association to visit the production workshop of China foundry machinery factory for an in-depth investigation. President Huang, the person in charge, gave a detailed introduction to the company's products and equipment, and also further explained and introduced the development of China foundry machinery in recent years and the culture of the enterprise. 【MORE】
    —— Corporate Culture ——
    Development concept and mechanism of the company
  • Loyal to the party and patriotic
  • Love the motherland, support the Communist Party of China, implement the party's economic strategic policies, and actively integrate into the "the Belt and Road" strategic policy. 【MORE】
  • Loyal to the party and patriotic
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  • Respect one's work and love one's post
  • Every employee is strictly required to devote himself to every work in a state of wholeheartedness, complete every task excellently and efficiently, work safely, be good at learning, actively innovate, constantly improve his own value, and play a more important role in continuous learning and progress. 【MORE】
  • Respect one's work and love one's post
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  • Incentive system
  • To reward and recognize the employees who develop the company and carry out technological innovation and research, and gradually develop and continue to become an enterprise culture, so that employees can learn from excellent employees, encourage each other and make common progress. 【MORE】
  • Incentive system
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  • Exchange learning
  • By learning and communicating with excellent and more experienced workers and mastering excellent technologies, we can better and comprehensively serve customer groups and solve problems that customers may encounter in actual production. 【查看详情】
  • Exchange learning
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  • Family culture
  • Let every employee working in the company, regardless of their position, feel the happiness and warmth brought by the collective, help each other, and let everyone in the team work happily in the collective "big family". 【MORE】
  • Family culture
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  • Repay debt to society
  • Give back to the society with love and let public welfare warm people's hearts. Since the establishment and development of the company, we thank all the customer groups who have supported Zhongzhu machinery in the past. We will also give thanks to the society with practical actions and help the groups in need. At the same time, we will also let the employees of the company have a better understanding and development of the public welfare cause. 【MORE】
  • Repay debt to society
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    Certificate we obtained
Intellectual property certification system certificate
quality management system certification
EU quality certification system certificate
Certificate of vice president unit of Guangdong Foundry Association
    —— Corporate Style ——
    Record the happiness of our growth
  • 广东中铸机械设备有限公司

  • Guangdong Zoomzu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
  • 中铸机械位于享有广州后花园之称的花都区花山镇,工厂占地面积8000多平方米,经历了10多年的行业积累,拥有完善的技术研发力量和成熟的售后服务团队,在铸造造型行业的技术领域上有着巨大的突破及贡献,荣获“广州市高新技术企业”,“国家高新技术企业”,“广东省创新型企业”等殊荣称号,并通过申请获得十多项新型实用型专利以及多项自主研发专利。

  • 中铸机械隶属美邦集团旗下的一家集设计、开发生产、销售自动化产品设备的现代化企业,主要研发的产品有震动机,半自动造型机,全自动造型机,智能机械手以及全自动造型生产线,为满足不同企业用户的需求,我们不断开发完善产品技术和设备品质,提高设备的自动化程度以及售后服务质量。公司产品设备主要销往国内浙江,湖南,湖北,广西,山东,重庆,四川,云南等地区,近两年来部分产品设备已出口到泰国,越南,新加波,马来西亚等国家等,以其优良的品质和良好的服务,获得了国内外客户的广泛认可。我们的承诺是,质量可靠,服务周到,价格合理,供货及时。真诚的期待与各界朋友携手共赢,开创美好未来。【查看详情】

  • Z O O M Z U
    Fully Automatic Moulding Machine Manufacturer
  • 中国铸造协会成员与董事长卢总合影留念
    — 2018年5月19日,北京国际铸造展览会上,中国铸造协会会长张立波、副会长张志勇、秘书长马宏儒莅临展会参观指导,对中铸机械近年来在整体行业建设发展所做的努力及取得的成绩表示高度的认可与赞扬,图片为协会成员与董事长卢总的合影留念!【查看详情】
  • 中国铸造协会成员在工厂车间开展调研
    — 中国铸造协会会长张立波、辽宁沈阳大学教授赵志立、中国铸造协会主任景立文莅临中铸机械工厂开展调研工作,针对现有技术结合铸造工艺以及行业发展趋势,对我司研发生产的自动化设备提出相应的指导建议性方案,交流探讨水平造型机近年来发展状况,同时也对中铸机械的产品质量以及未来深远发展的规划方针表示肯定与支持。(中国铸造协会会长张立波、辽宁沈阳大学教授赵志立、中国铸造协会主任景立文在组装车间与董事长交流详谈全自动造型机使用的方法及生产组装过程中的技术要求。)【查看详情】
  • 中铸机械携手山东铸协参办山东潍坊铸造展
    中国铸造协会山东协会秘书长张江及工信局各位领导莅临中铸机械考察参观并与董事长合影留恋!— 同年2018年5月21日,中铸机械参加山东潍坊第五届铸造工业展览会,潍坊铸造协会代表莅临展位了解中铸机械上下射砂造型机,同时预祝我方举办方顺利完成此次的届时参展。【查看详情】
  • 广东铸造协会秘书长带领团体成员到访中铸机械考察
    — 2018年广东铸造协会秘书长带领罗惠、刘志权带领协会团体成员到访中铸机械工厂生产车间深入考察,负责人黄总为本公司产品设备做详细的介绍,同时也为中铸机械近年来的发展以及企业的文化进一步讲解与介绍。【查看详情】

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